Hello erveryone
Im a new Computer Science Student from Switzerland. At the moment, we need to create a website. I now wanted to implement a CSS style switcher based on JavaScript. Made everything, opend the webpage from my harddrive, worked perfectly.I am able to switch the style without any problems. So I've uploaded it to my server www.redseen.3owl.com.
Now, when I open the site over the internet, the style switcher refuses its work and does absolutly nothing. How can this be? As its written with JavaScript, the server can't be the reason (correct me when im wrong on this point). I'm really confused at the moment. Maybe someone of you has an idea why it could stop its work as soon as you open it from the server?

I find this error msg in the error console of the firefox browser. If I execute it locale, i don't get this error. The method "setActiveStyleSheet" is set in the styleswitcher.js which is linked correctly in the html file. I guess somehow the styleswitcher.js doesn't get initialized or something?

Error message
Zeitstempel: 16.11.2012 08:39:41
Fehler: ReferenceError: setActiveStyleSheet is not defined
Quelldatei: redseen.3owl.com/#
Zeile: 1
Thank you a lot for your assistance