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    Multi Lingual Website


    I have an HTML 5/PHP/MySQL website that is available in two languages, French and English. Currently, if you choose the language selector to go to another language, you end up on the Home page for that language.

    I would like to change the action such that when you choose the language, you land on the identical page you were on, but in the new language. For example, if my menu items are:


    Contact Us


    If I am located at the "Contact Us" page, when I pick French from the language selector, then I would like to land on the French equivalent "Contactez nous"

    Can anyone help me?


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    I suspect that you have only one language selector in a php include file. If so, that is why they link to the same page. If so, you can either:

    a) Pass a variable from each page to define the target of the language link. Or...

    b) Embed separate language selector links in the respective web pages.

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