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Thread: Complex selector question

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    Complex selector question

    I have a nightmare CMS to work with. It only spits out tables within tables within tables etc al, some nested, some siblings....
    and they have no classes or id's so i am trying to select in the only way left.,

    when mousing over html in Firebug it puts out a display like this (simplified version)


    i'm trying to replicate the CSS selector like this,... but is not working.

    html body div div:nth-child[3] ...(doesn't work, breakdown at the :nth-child selector)
    anyone know how i can access this?,
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    Your approach may lead to problems if/when the CMS is displaying other pages that don't include all of the same elements or include them in a different order. That is, you might find that you're also affecting the styles for other pages in a way you don't want. So, I'd suggest looking for a simpler solution. First, try locating the <table> tag in question in the CMS template files and adding your own 'id' attribute to it. It will probably take some time to wade through the files, but that would be ideal.

    If the CMS includes a visual editor, you should be able to edit the native HTML which would allow you to insert your own container tag (like a <div>) with your own 'id' attribute. Good luck!
    Rick Trethewey
    Rainbo Design

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    yes good suggestion, thanks

    so far i haven't found anything like that. it's a commercial shopping cart.
    really kind of stunned at the code this thing is outputting.
    things like the <font> tag....!

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