I have been dabbling in web design & development since the mid 90's, with six sites under my belt so far (mostly small non-profit organizations). I am looking to change careers and start doing web development full time.

I have a strong knowledge base in PHP, MySQL, and Javascript (although I use jQuery heavily) and I know my way around Linux but am far from a guru. Everything I know has been entirely self taught, every site I produce is 100% organic and put together using a scripting text editor (Komodo Edit these days).

I know that a degree is not a MUST in this field but I have seen quite a few job postings that require a BS or BA in Web Design / Development and I also want to better myself. My goal is to find a school that is regionally accredited, non-profit, with a good track record. I want to be sure that I actually LEARN more than I already know and come out at the end of the program a better developer.

The best school I have found so far that meets the non-profit and regionally accredited requirement is Southern New Hampshire University, I was accepted after my financial aid cleared, which was a bit disconcerting, but I have heard good things about this school. The Web Design & Development track for their BS in IT mentions things like frames and image maps, which was also a red flag. I am waiting to hear back from the department chair to hopefully clarify what they are teaching.. or perhaps not teaching.

Does anyone here have any experience with this university? I can find tons of positive reviews of the school itself but nothing related to this program. Are there any other schools I should be considering that are 100% online, regionally accredited, and non-profit?

Many thanks!