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Thread: Force refresh of text but not graphics

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    Arrow Force refresh of text but not graphics

    I have an embedded device that feeds web pages to allow users to monitor status of the device. I would like to force pages to reload each time they navigate to it. But I still want the browser to cache the graphics. Feeding these puts a large load on the device and can impair the devices ability to perform other, more critical, functions.

    How can I force a page to reload without also forcing the graphics to reload?

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    You can't 'reload' portions of a page. But you can use JavaScript/AJAX to write and continually rewrite the area where the device status information is displayed. Or you could have the data displayed in an <iframe> and add a <meta> refresh to the page being displayed in it. You just have to modify the software on the server so that it would output just that limited amount of data instead of a complete webpage. Either way it should be pretty simple.
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