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Thread: Need some advise with my forum's CSS (SMF)

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    Need some advise with my forum's CSS (SMF)

    I'm attaching a file where I showed what exactly that I want to achieve.
    As you can see...I have a post separator (a thick light blue bar - No. 2 on the picture).
    I CAN make it somewhat narrower, but I prefer not to...
    Now...As you can see on that print screen picture, where it says No. 1 and No.3...
    There're just few pixels space (padding) between a word "Admin" near No. 3 (written in Cyrillics) - just above the photo AND also where topic name appears in an upper post's section (near No. 1) .
    I want to make that space WIDER (as you can see in the picture where I used arrows to simplify the explanation).
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