Guys, I have this code that almost works. First of all I am using Windows7, SQL server 2008, Visual Studio 2010 and VB.NET. I am also using iFrames on the site.
The code encloded works to a point, it opens the PayPal screen and carries forward the OrderID (SQL CartID) and the total number of items in the basket (Session("BasketSum")) However I cannot get the important bit across "THE MONEY!". The amount just does not work. I have tried taking out the string.format bit but the amount is just not transferred and I have tried taking out the item_ part of the statement as the book I am using suggests but PayPal comes back with an input format error. I am not sure what to do next.
Does anyone have any ideas please?
 Dim Amount As Decimal = Session("BasketSum")
        Dim OrderID As String = Session("cartID")
        Dim CountNum As String = Session("BasketCount")
        Dim Redirect As String = ""
        Redirect += "&item_name=Shopping Cart Number " & OrderID
        Redirect += "&item_number=Number of Items " & CountNum
        Redirect += "&item_amount=" & String.Format("{0:c}", Amount)
        Redirect += "&return="
        Redirect += "&cancel_return="