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Thread: What and where are the bussines opportunities in my town?

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    What and where are the bussines opportunities in my town?


    I have more than two years as LAMP programmer and I'm thinking in working as freelance.

    I would like to look for potential customers in my city (80.000 people in Spain). But..what and where are my bussines opportunities? I mean: I know that a shop that sell shoes could be interested in creating an online shop to sell the shoes on internet. That is an easy example. What I want to know is what other types of medium and small firms could be interested in web apps and in what kind of services could be interested. Is there any web site that documents this?


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    I have been doing freelance development with PHP and MySQL for a number of years now but not as a primary source of income. So far, I have completed six sites for profit - all purely the result of word of mouth. Most of my clients are small non-profit organizations that either did not have a site at all or had a site that was not meeting their needs.

    My suggestion is to get out in your local community, find small businesses or organizations that need some help with their website (or perhaps do not yet have one) and offer your services. If you do well, a stream of clients will probably follow.

    Just my two cents..


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