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Thread: Search engine for products?

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    Search engine for products?

    sorry if this is in the wrong category,

    i want have a search engine, say if you type in 'ipad' it will bring up an 'ipad' from all the websites that sell an ipad, along with the price next to it, and round it up to 10 ipads arranging them in terms of price, from lowest to highest.

    please somebody help me find a search engine that i can put into my website.

    ive already brought a domain, and im thinking of using squarespace, any other suggestions to squarespace?


    ps. im no programming genuis.

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    My suggestion is that you find another idea for your website. The web already has tens of thousands of price comparison websites, many of which are backed by major corporations whose search capabilities would dwarf any pre-built free script you're going to find online. On top of that, they have real advertising budgets to work with in order to attract traffic. Just to start, Google, Yahoo!, and Bing all have shopping services with price comparison. So in order for your site to attract any traffic whatsoever, you would have to bring something very special to the table and promote it wherever you could.

    There are the thousands of people who've had the same idea you have - to build a small site from scratch and wait for the commissions to roll in. They rarely earn more than pizza money - if that. So my advice would be to save yourself a lot of time, effort, frustration, and disappointment, and think of something that hasn't been done to death already. Focus on the things you really care about - things that you know something about and can share with some authority and intelligence. Then build a great website to present it to the world. Good luck!
    Rick Trethewey
    Rainbo Design

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    Thanks so much for the information.

    Look, i am in need of money as a student, i literrally am studying all the time and i think making a website would be a great way of making money. I sat there saturday and sunday thinking of what to come up with, and i came up wth that idea, which clearly isnt good -.- So if u know any ideas that could give me some kind of income? I have no idea how to program. Please help me out with an idea for a website that is simple and make money.

    thanks again.

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