Hey guys..

Time to buy a domain & hosting for a sandbox play.. going with these guys (thinking 2yr)..

Crazy Domains - http://www.crazydomains.com.au/web-hosting/

Middle/medium deal, just because of the more than 1 domain option. Will I use it? Dunno, for $1 who cares ..

But want to email some Q's first..

If anyone has a sec pls check I havent missed the info?

Q.1 - What Lvl of PHP do you support?

Q.2 - If I buy the ASP option for $50 more a year.. does that mean I can ONLY work with asp? (click "buy now" to see list of ticker box extra's)

There so sneaky with there wording!.....

Asking you guys, If I want to have a play with e commerce/shopping cart stuff at some point, best I buy SSL cert? (only $30 a year).. and I see all the big guns have it weather there e commerce or not...

Whats this "cloud 300% faster" crap all about?

Is there anything else I should be asking?

As alway.. any wisdom much appreciated...