I have a site of about 25 pages.
9 of those pages are metric charts, full of numbers and tables.

Of course I do not really want Google to include those in their index , so I added a meta tag as follows, to the nine files.

HTML Code:
<meta name="robots" content="noindex" />
Sure I probably should also add "nofollow" and will do that today.

My question is when I look at the Google webmaster site it says ''23 URLS Submitted - 9 Indexed''.

Has Google indexed them simply as "noindex"?

And why are my other files not indexed, I have not added any robot meta tags to the other files as the default is just meant to be follow,index.

So I am not using any Robot.txt just a meta for the pages I don't want indexed and leaving the others blank for the default (follow index).

Is this suitable?