Good morning!

In my business, we are using a firebird database. We want develop an enterprise web application multiplatform only using open source tools, to run in any device (notebook, mobiles, tablet...)

I've been exploring multiple alternatives.
Multiple languages: C++, C#, Java, html, javascript, ajax, ruby, gwt.
Multiple ide: Eclipse, Netbeans, JDevelop, Oracle ADF, Visual Studio, Kdevelop, Andjuta...
Multiple servers: Apache, Apache Tomcat, Mono, Windows server.
Multiple Technologies: GWT + Smartgwt, php, ADF Oracle, RAD Languages, jsp, .net, j2ee, pentaho, alfresco...

We need the next features:
-Generate any report accessing to a data base.
-Send by email reports.
-CMS Management.
-Generate Dashboards with graphs.
... (All features that any business can be needed)

I've thought in use GWT, but is very slow to compile and have some conflicts wich database connections.
PHP development is very slow.
RAD Languages are not good for specific use cases a company.

What technologies you recommended me?

Thank you!!

Diego Alcón.