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Thread: Submitting a subdomain to Google

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    Submitting a subdomain to Google

    What's the right way to submit a SUBdomain site to Google?
    The normal routine that I follow with a regular site is that I put a file that I download from Google into the root folder and then after the site's verification, I make a sitemap.xml and also upload it into my public_html.
    The thing is...I don't have a regular site (non subdomain site). I just have a few subdomains as my sites. Of course, I do have root public_html, but I also have there my folders for subdomain sites.

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    Create the subdomain in Google as with the domain name. And verify it the same way. Treat it as a separate site.

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    Create a sitemap file for your sub-domain sites separately and submit into Webmaster Tools.

    I hope you have got your solution.

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    If you create site on sub domain then it is a complete site for you and you can submit it anywhere you can.

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