Hello all,

I have a table in which there are some 18 columns. Each of those columns have text fields. Ordinarily those fields are disabled. However if a "modify" button is clicked in a row, then the cells in each of those 18 columns in that very same row, become enabled i.e. modifiable.

The fields are named as r0f1, r0f2, r0f3 and so on until r0f18 in Row 0. In row 1, the fields are named as r1f1, r1f2, r1f3 etc.

When the modify button in row 0 is clicked, a javascript function is called say "modify_clicked(rownum)" with rownum having a value of 0. If modify button of row 1 is clicked then rownum has a value of 1.. and so on.

So, if I click modify button of row 0, I would like the disabled attribute of all fields having names r0fx to be changed to false.

Any suggestions how this can be done?

Thank you in advance.