I've created a series of elementary music PowerPoint games that I'd like my students to be able to use on iPad and other devices that don't work well with PowerPoint shows, so I'd like to recreate them in HTML/CSS. You can download one of the games here since they are difficult to describe.

At its heart, each game is a set of visually identical slides with pictures of musical instruments, a back button, and a stop button. When a slide is launched, a sound clip plays of either the instrument's name or its sound. The student chooses a picture and receives feedback (incorrect=sizzle and correct=cha-ching). After 3 seconds, a time's up sound plays, and the correct picture grows about 25% larger than the others. I can figure out the very basic HTML to accomplish the slides themselves, except maybe the time's-up-and-swell portion, which I could live without.

My conversion challenge is that I need the kids to visit the slides one time each in a random order each time they play. I've accomplished this in PowerPoint by making the home screen a set of links that resemble cards on a table. The table is a plain green background. The "cards" are each a single character that looks like a solid rectangle in portrait view. Each card/link is orange before being visited and green (the same as the background) after being visited. I encourage the kids to play the game in a random order to avoid memorizing the answers without learning the content, which,with very few exceptions, they do. First, is there a more sophisticated way in HTML/CSS to accomplish the students seeing each slide one time in a random order each time they play? If not, is there a way to mimic my PowerPoint solution with HTML/CSS?

I've explored saving the PowerPoint as a web page, and all of the functions don't work. I've done some searching regarding hiding links once they are visited, but I have the feeling someone may have a brilliant, simpler, not-dependent-on-kindergarteners-being-disciplined way to accomplish the launch screen.

I'm willing to spend a few days learning code and working on this since the kids learn so much from it, and I am able to meet with kids in small groups while they play. I have some other games I'd like to make in this same format as well.

Thanks in advance for your ideas and suggestions. 400 little kids will benefit immediately from your brilliance and willingness to share.