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Thread: Issue with menu hover images delay

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    Issue with menu hover images delay


    I have a simple CSS menu with two images, one image is the primary display image and the other is the image that is used to give a colour change on hover.

    The problem is in a lot of browsers, (Firefox mostly and IE), the hover image delays loading and the image does not appear instantly, leaving the menu a blank white space for about half a second and looks very buggy.

    How can I fix this without Javascript?

    Can I pre-load the images with css or do I need Java-script and if I do can I just pre-load the images with JS, then leave the rest to css?


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    It's fairly common to just combine the two images into one image, hide the active part with overflow: hidden; and defined dimensions: then on hover, move the image so the active part shows.

    I can make an example if you want more clarification?

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    Thanks I know what you mean, it sounds like a good way to do it.

    In the meantime (before I read your reply)I have used another method where you load them in a far corner as width 1px height 1px then hide them with css.

    Not my preferred method, but seems to work for now.


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    The problem is, as you suspect, that the browser hasn't loaded the second image until the user actually hovers over the link. You could use CSS sprites, which is a very useful method of speeding up page loading and solves this problem. But until you learn a bit more, I'd suggest simply using JavaScript to preload the images you have. A Google search should show you plenty of examples.
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