I have a product list that is generated by asp
I have product description for each product in a html file

each html file is named: <product.id>.html
html file size is only 1-3 kb

Within the html file is <title> and <meta name="description" content="..." />
I want to access these in an efficient way so that I can output this as e.g.:


I have a working solution for the individual product, where I use the description file - but hope to find a more efficient / simple approach:

<iframe src="" id="product" style="width:100%; margin-top:-20px;">&nbsp;</iframe>
<script type="text/javascript">
document.getElementById(frame).onload = function(){
var d = window.frames[frame].document, dt, dd, dk;
document.getElementById('pfoto').title = (dt = d.title)? dt : ' ';
document.getElementById('pfoto').alt = (dd = d.getElementsByName('description')[0])? dd.getAttribute('content', 0) : ' ';
var keyords = (dk = d.getElementsByName('keywords')[0])? dk.getAttribute('content', 0) : ' ';