I have some assignment to make a game n i choose the game puzzle like sudoku (more like Elemental at Android, if you had play this game). well, with think so long, i think i need to make arrays of number for each row which each indexs of arrays cannot be same to make 1 column and 1 row consist of 1 full array (without same number at one arrangement of array).

so i have made one and near of success because sometime the result as i want, sometime not. the problem is sometime there was arrays with "undefined" and the time took longer than the right results.

please, i really need your help to complete my codes. or maybe you can give me another codes that same with i need. i had search for it, but i can't find that i need.

<style type="text/css">
	td	{ border:1px solid #ccc; text-align:center; padding:0.3em }
<script type="text/javascript">
function showArray(){
	var firstArray = ['1','2','3','4','5'];
	var sizeArray = firstArray.length;
	var compArray = new Array();
	var t = document.getElementById('tes');
	//make array for row
	var row=0;
		var shufArray = arrayShuffle(firstArray);
		var tr = t.appendChild(document.createElement('tr'));
			var shufArray = makeShuffle(shufArray, compArray);
		//write the array for one row
		for (var i=0,col=0;col<sizeArray;col++)
			tr.appendChild(document.createElement('td')).innerHTML = shufArray[i++];
		compArray.push(shufArray); //<-- add shufArray to compArray => become reference for next row

//function to cek shufArray, ensure to not same with previous arrays per indexs
function makeShuffle(oldShufArray, shufArrayAll){
	var shufArray2 = new Array();
	var temp = oldShufArray;
		var compArray2 = new Array();
		//array from shufArray, where index=j
		//if temp[j] not in compArray2 and shufArray2
		if(compArray2.indexOf(temp[j])<0 && shufArray2.indexOf(temp[j])<0){
			shufArray2.push(temp[j]); //<-- pust into shufArray2
			sliceArray = temp.slice(j);
			shufSliceArray = arrayShuffle(sliceArray); //<-- slice temp from j that problematic
			temp = shufArray2.concat(shufSliceArray); //<-- merge with previous index that didnt have problem
			j-=1; //<-- set j-1 so the next j become now j
	return shufArray2;

//function to shuffle array, i get from searching in google
function arrayShuffle(oldArray) {
	var newArray = oldArray.slice();
 	var len = newArray.length;
	var i = len;
		var p = parseInt(Math.random()*len);
		var t = newArray[i];
  		newArray[i] = newArray[p];
	  	newArray[p] = t;
	return newArray; 

<body onLoad="showArray();">
<table><tbody id="tes"></tbody></table>
thanks before. i hope you can help me