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Thread: javascript show div once per day HELP

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    javascript show div once per day HELP

    I need script that change specific div to show it only Once per day.(probably with a cookie that expires) this script needs to change style of that div to--->display:block<--- on that time that this div is showen. Now style of that div is position:fixed; bottom:0;z-index: 100; display:none;

    I dont know a thing to code in JS or JQ, so please explain in basic language.

    I am googling 2 days, still cannot find answer...
    Please help

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    The style of css "position" is not relevant in that case; you need two steps: first, in place of cookies, it could be better a JS date/time function control (in simple words: "IF DAY IS... THEN SHOW THAT") then set a css "display" variable, which could be manipulated by JS, according to the first step.

    BUT you have to learn some basic Javascript language to do that:
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    Hi MrSnowDrop,
    I know that style of css "position" is not relevant, like "z-index" and "bottom" too... I tryed many times to learn the basics of JS, but W3school is not the best place for that, for me... ok I can understand some elements from JS, but the syntax I cannot understnd... Many times I copyed JS code and change it to suit to my needs, but this more complexed, with cookies I cannot understand... Anyway thanks for trying to help me, If someone have solution for my problem, please write it... I will try to search for the code...

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