Hi together,

Some months ago I developed a special php web application for mobile phones.
Our customers use Samsung Galaxy xcover with Android and Opera Mobile for browsing the application.

I use a JS functionality called "navigator.getUserMedia". I think it's very powerful, but there's something I'm missing.

Look: I use "navigator.getUserMedia" to give the end user the possibility to make snapshots and upload the images to my webserver directory.
And it works fine, really!

But - and that's my problem - I haven't found out how to change resolution of these phone snapshots.

I checked the whole JavaScript code if there's a possibility to define resolution information but without any luck.
I tried to change some JS code phrases to define and configure image resolution how I want and how I need them. But no success!

Now I'm not sure if it's generally a JS problem. Could it be that the "navigator.getUserMedia" functionality doesn't have the possibilities I need?

Is anybody there who had or has the same problem?
Did anybody solve it?