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Thread: Launching a new Online Travel Booking Website

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    Hello Everyone. I am keen on starting a new website related to Travel and Hotel booking , managing expeditions, managing profile, Blogs,with good interface. The confusion is that i am not able to select a language on which i want to make the website I personally know phython but dont have expertise in Django, I can outsource it but i am not sure in which language i should built the website.
    the website should have features like, Individual profile management, Cart, Payment portal integration, Good outlook and a seperate blog and much other features that a travel management and booking website should possess...
    please help me out as it has turned into a headache and n one is able to suggest around so guys please reply in detail. Thanks in adv.

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    If you cant outsource or cant pay to any one else to build a website you need, then what you can try is get some partner who is experienced and would like to work with your project.

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    The thing is promotion.

    You can start your site with little money but you have to promote your site to get business so you should already have ideas about how to promote your business.

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