I have a 720 x 576 pixel video and it is shocking that one popular browser, Firefox 17, is taking up a width that is far beyond what Internet Explorer 9 and Google Chrome 23 are taking (other browsers not tested). Computation of the horizontal space taken is critical, since I have the video element on the left, and a slideshow and text on the right that changes as the video plays. The user will be cautioned to maximize the window (F11 key) for the best presentation, but I will still have to do a screen pixel width computation since resolutions will differ.

Horizontal space will be tight, since the resolution on some screens may well be just 1024 pixels.

I am using all the native media playing elements (webm for FF, mp4 for IE and whatever Chrome plays).

This is a university application arts resume on a web page, and the last thing you want to tell those who are judging the resume is that they must to install a plugin in their browser that they might not want to install for whatever reason (perhaps philosophical, perhaps practical)...which is the reason for using the native media playing elements.

The annoying part is that Firefox is taking nearly 50% wider width (1026 px for the 720 px wide video) than the other browsers.

Why is Firefox taking TOO MUCH width and is there a solution?