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Thread: [RESOLVED] Multiple PDO DB connections

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Multiple PDO DB connections

    Hello all. I am trying to connect to multiple databases but testing lines of code one at a time, but I dont get any of my messages to echo out onto the page. Now the question is, does my code fail? Or did i write it wrong? No log is created this time around so I am assuming its not failing (Last time I wrote this and tested, there would be an error log created, this time no error log)

    Anyone have any idea??

    //trys to connect to each database
    try {
    $db1 = new PDO('mysql:harcerze_******; host=**.***.***.***', '*********', '*********');
    } catch (PDOException $ex) {
    	if($db1 == false)
    		echo 'Connect Failed: ' .$ex->getMessage();
    			else {echo 'Connected to DB1';}
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    Code in the catch{} block will only run if an exception occurs, so you'll never see the success message in there.
    PHP Code:
    try {
    $db1 = new PDO('mysql:harcerze_******; host=**.***.***.***''*********''*********');
    "<p>Debug: connected to DB1</p>\n";
    // continue doing whatever you want with $db1 . . .
    } catch (PDOException $ex) {
    $msg $ex->errorInfo;
    "<p>Sorry, there was an unrecoverable database error. Debug data has been logged.</p>");
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