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Thread: Posting Comments (Security)

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    Posting Comments (Security)

    Hi, how do Facebook posts (status updates) / comments work in terms of security...

    I was surprised to see that Facebook allowed me to post 3 status updates one after the other and then also allow me to post 20 comments on a status update all within 5 seconds

    I have a comment feature on my website and i need a way of preventing users from spamming with comments (without use a captcha)

    Users must be logged in to post a comment... so when a comments is being posted, should i just check to see if the same $ user_id posted a comment within the last 20 seconds... or can someone think of a more suitable method...

    Thanks in advance for your help...

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    Well...many forums use the same method you are proposing to use - the users can only post X comments per unit time. So it is a very workable method.

    Of course they also use in conjunction with other methods like new users' comments do not appear before they are moderated until they reach X amount of posts.
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    I totally agree with RCoder, why not starting with these common methods?I think there is no bad at using them.

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