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Thread: Help with coupon maker script

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    Help with coupon maker script

    I am new to this forum because I am completely lost and frustrated and non-technical and have been told by many friends THIS is the website to come to when you need assistance because everyone is so nice, friendly, patient and helpful here.

    I have been driving myself nuts trying to make a coupon script that would do the same thing as this one at marluckmarking.com. I just want my website visitors be be able to create a coupon in real time and then download/save it to their computer so they can email it to me later. Can anyone help me? Thank you so much!

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    Javascript might be able to create the coupon (given enough information), but it will not "download/save" anything to the users computer (except as a cookie or local storage)
    and you will not be able to email the coupon (AFAIK) using the language either.

    You might be able to use JS for some of the requirements, but you will probably need a server-side language (perl or php or ???) to accomplish the other tasks.

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    Thanks for the info.

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