Have a noob question here folks.

I have an old fashioned HTML based website (none of that newfangled CSS) which has been up and running for a few years now. It is a sports club site which is hosted on my own service providors account. The sports club has the domain name registered with a DNS registration service and the domain name points to the index page at the host site. Nothing too complicated about that and it works just fine. The problem I have is all pages of the site display the host site addressname in the browser address so for example:

The DNS name is www.levenscubaclub.com.au

it points to:


In the browser address bar the index page and all subsequent pages within the site display the host name address. eg http://web.aanet.com.au/cupcake/LSC/

Is there any way I can force all pages within the site to display the domain name eg: www.levenscubaclub.com.au/

Ive tried creating subdomains for every page and renamed all the self referencing links for each page on the site but the results have been flakey and inconsistent to say the least

Any help appreciated thanks