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    resolved [RESOLVED] PHP's PDO

    So as you may know I am creating a multiple database connect and writing to multiple databases using PHP's PDO set. Im rather new to the whole PDO scene so its a learning curve with me. Here is my code, and below are my questions.
    PHP Code:

    //Create var names
    $first_name $_POST['F_Name'];
    $last_name $_POST['L_Name'];
    $phone_number_1 $_POST['Pnumber1'];
    $phone_number_2 $_POST['Pnumber2'];
    $address $_POST['Address'];
    $state $_POST['State'];
    $city $_POST['City'];
    $zip_code $_POST['Zip'];
    $email_1 $_POST['Email1'];
    $email_2 $_POST['Email2'];
    $username $_POST['Uname'];
    $password_1 $_POST['Pass'];
    $jed $_POST['Jednostka'];
    $dob $_POST['DOB'];
    $stopien $_POST['Stopien'];
    $funk $_POST['FUNK'];
    $hasher = new PasswordHash(8True);
    $password $hasher->HashPassword($password_1);
    $ENC =MD5($password_1);
    $ERRmsg "";

    //Checks if any feilds were left empty and creates an error message to display
    if(empty($first_name)) $ERRmsg .= 'You did not enter a First Name!  Pleaase go back and try again! <br/>';
    $last_name)) $ERRmsg .= 'You did not enter a Last Name!  Please go back and try again! <br/>';
    $phone_number_1)) $ERRmsg .= 'You did not enter a Phone Number!  Please go back and try again! <br/>';
    $address)) $ERRmsg .= 'You did not enter an Address!  Please go back and try again! <br/>';
    $state)) $ERRmsg .= 'You did not choose a State!  Please go back and try again! <br/>';
    $city)) $ERRmsg .= 'You did not enter a City!  Please go back and try again! <br/>';
    $zip_code)) $ERRmsg .= 'You did not enter a Zip Code.  Please go back and try again!<br/>';
    $email_1)) $ERRmsg .= 'You did not enter a Email.  Please go back and try again!<br/>';
    $email_2)) $ERRmsg .= 'You did not re-enter you Email.  Please go back and try again!<br/>';
    $username)) $ERRmsg .= 'You did not enter a Username.  Please go back and try again!<br/>';
    $password_1)) $ERRmsg .= 'You did not enter a password!  Please go back and try again!<br/>';
    $jed)) $ERRmsg .= 'You did not choose a Jednostka!  Please go back and try again!<br/>';
    $dob)) $ERRmsg .= 'You did not enter a Date of Birth!  Please go back and try again!<br/>';
    $stopien)) $ERRmsg .= 'You did not choose a Stopien!  Please go back and try again!<br/>';
    $funk)) $ERRmsg .= 'You did not enter a Funkcjia!  Please go back and try again!<br/>';
    $email_1 !== $email_2$ERRmsg .= 'Your emails did not match!  Please go back and try again!<br/>';
    //Checks to see if error message is empty, if empty does rest of code
                        try {
    $wdp = new PDO('mysql:harcerze_central; host=localhost''harcerze_cuser''Czuwaj_99999');
    "Connected to Warta Database</p>\n";
    //prepare the SQL statement
    $wdp_insert $wdp->prepare
    ("INSERT INTO users( 
                                VALUES (
    $First_name', ' ', '$Last_name'),
    $First_name', ' ', '$Last_name'),
                                    :auto insert,
    //Bind the paramaters
    //Execute the prepared statement
                                    echo (
    "<p>Insert complete</p>\n");
                        } catch (
    PDOException $ex) {
    $msg $ex->errorInfo;
    "<p>Sorry, there was an unrecoverable database error. Debug data has been logged.</p>");
                    else {
                        echo (
    $first_name .' '$ERRmsg);

    So now my questions are as follows:

    1.On the insert I have multiple values, One of them is an ID that has A_I (Auto Incriment) how would I go about leaving that feild blank? The way I did???

    2.I have a feild "Active". That is Automatically 0 untill they confirm their email. Do I simply do :0, or leave that blank?

    3. I have a time stamp that is handeled by the SQL database. So I also leave this blank on the insert?

    4. Im joining two things using a CONCAT, will that work the way i have it set up?

    5. What else do you see that may be incorrect? It seems to me that this DBO way is just easy to inject SQL with. But I think thats just me being used to mysql_real_escape_string.....

    6. And I get an error of "array (0 => 'HY093', 1 => 0,)". Could this be due to the fact of the ID feild?
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