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Thread: Help with displaying random records with MySQL

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    Help with displaying random records with MySQL

    I have the following table:
    ID Job Category
    1 Clerk Admin
    2 Secretary Admin
    3 Reception Admin
    4 Typist Admin

    Now, I want to display 5 jobs within the Admin Category, but I want them pulled randomly from the database. ORDER BY RAND won't work because there are only 4 records. I need to display 5 records as it doesn't matter if the same record is displayed more than once. How do I do this?

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    I'd probably just loop through the result set as usual, but keep a counter of records displayed. Then if the counter is less than 5, reset the result pointer back to the first record, and start cycling through it again until the counter reaches 5. (Of course, check for 0 results first, so you don't get into an infinite loop.)
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    try something like that

    select * from
    (SELECT ID, 	Job, 	Category
    FROM employee
    union all
    SELECT ID, 	Job, 	Category
    FROM employee)
    LIMIT 5

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