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Thread: bindParam() removes info from text feilds

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    bindParam() removes info from text feilds

    I have noticed in the error log that I get, that the array that is created by bindParam removes characters from each feild until they are empty. This removal is dependant on how many characters are typed in the feild before it. So lets say field one has an input of 10 and field and input of 10 and field 3 has an input of 5.

    So in field 1 only 5 of the 10 are used, same thing in field 2. So now in field 3, bindParam removes one character from field 5 and contiunes to remove more and more for each feild. How is this happining?
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    We may need a bit more info than that. I certainly can't think of anything I've seen happen that sounds like that.

    PS: Only thing that *maybe* could cause what you seem to be describing is using the wrong column type for a given field, perhaps?
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