Hey Guys,

Basically im trying to compare 2 cells. Im using datepicker and need to grey out dates that have been booked

Database rows are date and place

It works when I have one 'place' in the cell but when I have 2 or more it doesn't work.

Both cells have several dates and places

for example

date = '15/11/2012','16/11/2012' place = crow (that works but anymore places does not)

PHP Code:

$out = array(); 
foreach($_POST['place'] as $place){ 
    $out[] = ("'".mysql_real_escape_string($place)."'"); 

$imploded = implode(', ', $out); 
echo $imploded;

$date = "SELECT date FROM activities WHERE place IN ($imploded)"; 

echo $date;

$grey = mysql_query($date)or die(mysql_error());


/* create an array of days which need to be disabled */
var disabledDays = [

<?php while ($row mysql_fetch_array($greyMYSQL_ASSOC)) {
'' .$row['date']. ','

Any ideas would be amazing