Are there already existing free websites that I could use to create my own MLM website? I am looking for something that would work out of the box, with no coding required. Some of the features that I would like are:
<li>visualizing one's downline,</li>
<li>user interface to send mails to all the people of one's downline,</li>
<li>user interface to parametrize commission to upline (e.g. if A sells a product, he'll get 20%, his recruiter will get 10%, etc.</li>
<li>user interface to see which commissions are due to whom</li>
<li>ecommerce functionnalities integrated with the two points above

If there is nothing free for that, how much should I pay, and do you have any advice about what I should buy? I have tried searching on google, but all the sites that I found really don't look trustworthy. I'm a bit lost in all their advertisement