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Thread: Call js Function from PHP??

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    Question Call js Function from PHP??

    So I am not sure if this can be done, but I want to copy my database to a javascript array so that I can do what appears to be real-time manipulation of the database. I have used PHP to query the database and build a call to the javascript function. As far as I can tell, everything should work, but it seems the javascript function is never run. Let's not waste time with "why?" suffice it to say, this is what I want to do. I am hoping I don't have to learn yet another language/interface to do this since I have spent the last month trying to master javascript in order to achieve the so called "real-time" feel!

    Below is the javascript function which is in the head of my webpage:
    function AddToArray(i,k,v)
    Here is the PHP code that is in the body of my web page (I have x'd out the connection info):

    			$dbc = mysqli_connect('xxx','xxx' ,'xxx', 'xxx'); 
    			$query = "SELECT * FROM registrations2013" ;
    			$result = @mysqli_query($dbc, $query) or die("Error: ".mysqli_error($dbc));
    			echo "connected to database ";	
    			$record = $result->fetch_array(MYSQLI_ASSOC);
    			foreach ($record as $key => $value)	
    					echo "<script>AddToArray('".$i."','".$key."','".$value."');</script>";
    Someone told me not to do it, but I am going to say it anyways: "Thanks in Advance!!"

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    PHP runs on server side and Javascript on client side, so there is no direct way to call Javascript from PHP. however you can out put data from PHP in a format that can be handled by Javascript. for example you can output the records in a JSON array.

    i did not get the idea what exactly you want to do. if you explain the requirement it will be easy to help

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