Currently it adds them without converting the input to integers. So. Ill just give you what I have. Help is very much appreciated.


COMSC 100 Assignment 6 by Tom Gonser 1401658
<script type="text/javascript">
// copy/paste the following three lines after the script tag in EVERY program
function getInputAsText(_id){return document.getElementById(_id).value}
function getInputAsNumber(_id){return parseFloat(document.getElementById(_id).value)}
function setOutput(_id, _value){document.getElementById(_id).value = _value}
function calculate()
var firstNum, lastNum, fullNum
firstNum = getInputAsNumber("firstNumBox")
lastNum = getInputAsNumber("lastNumBox")
fullNum = firstNum + lastNum
setOutput("fullNumBox", fullNum)
Instructions:<br />
Type two numbers, and click computate. <br />
Something will happen.<br />
<br />
Input Values:<br />
Numbah Won <input id="firstNumBox" type="number" /><br />
Numbah Too <input id="lastNumBox" type="number" /><br />
<input type="submit" value="Computate" onclick="calculate()" />
<br />
Output value:<br />
Here ya go: <input id="fullNumBox" type="number" />