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Thread: Deference amogn SEM, SMM, SEO and SMO

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    Deference amogn SEM, SMM, SEO and SMO

    Hi friends
    i am new in seo field and i have a website so please tell me the deference among SEM, SMM, SEO and SMO
    Thanks for advice

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    SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization.utilizes numerous practice to increase traffic to a exacting website or page. SEO boost the quality traffic.
    SEM stand for Search Engine Marketing.Sem SEM refers to ads and links that are “sponsored” to be placed in designated sections of results page.
    SMO stand for Social Media Optimization.The goal of social media optimization overlap with SEO and SEM. Different from SMM which is more performance and advertising in paid sections within the social media platforms.
    SMM stand for Social Media Marketing.SMM goes further in the level of social interaction through blogs.

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