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Thread: PHP doesn't redirect to the specified location

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    Question PHP doesn't redirect to the specified location

    Even if my code has the
    HTML Code:
    header('Location: /user/?tab=captures&msg=updated');
    it doesn't redirect either. How to solve this?

    PHP Code:
        if (isset($_POST['chosen'])) {
    $query "UPDATE users SET template = ? WHERE username = ?";
    $stmt $tubcConnection->prepare($query);
    $stmt->bind_param('ss'$_POST['chosen'], $user);
            if (
    $stmt->affected_rows === 1) {
    header('Location: /user/?tab=captures&msg=updated');
    HTML Code:
        <form id="capture-form" action="/account/?tab=captures" method="post">
            <input type="hidden" id="chosen" name="chosen" value="default" />

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    Do you have error reporting turned on? Most likely cause would be that headers have already been sent by the time you call header(), which would result in a PHP warning. If you want to test it explicitly:
    PHP Code:
            if ($stmt->affected_rows === 1) {
    headers_sent($file$line)) {
    "Headers already sent in $file at line $line");
    header('Location: /user/?tab=captures&msg=updated');
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