Hello all,

I have been building a couple websites, one of them, for quite a while now. I hope to be moving out of the development environment sometime in 2013. I have been doing some stuff with Windows Server as well as Apache Web Server on Ubuntu. Anyway, that is really not the point. I was hoping some of you web administrators out there could start to paint me a picture of a live environment. I am hoping that I will get some decent traffic after I search engine optimize. I have thought out quite a bit of content and the site will, no doubt be useful. So, let's just say, for argument's sake, that I have developed a potentially "high traffic" website. First of all, let me break it down.

... I am going with static only content, in the beginning. I will be running a Dell server with dual Xeon 2.8 gigahertz processors with 2 cores each. How there is only up to 1MB of L2 cache, I'll never know. Maybe that's what they are a dime a dozen and maybe I am happy they are since it gave me an inexpensive way to venture into the world of server.

...wow, I can really digress

... So, I am just curious about what point does bandwidth, and/or server processing (or just Apache even)capability become an issue? ie: 50 simultaneous, 100 simultaneous, 1000, 10,000 .... etc etc If I had to guess, I'd say I am going to start seeing the server starting to work before even a hundred simultaneous requests... but I have no Idea. I have a cable modem, but if successful, I'll be purchasing a business package with my ISP to upgrade bandwidth.

... and... with a dedicated server actually doing something besides sitting idle most of the time, am i gonna start going through hard drives, or are they almost as durable in a production environment as my desktop. I tell you, I've only fried one hard drive and that was only because of something that I did. I am not gonna tell the embarrassing story, but had I not tried to do what I did, I am sure the hard drive would still be working just fine.

... and yes, yes, yes, I know. If I get a production environment going and I start to grow, I am gonna need to design an entire infrastructure with a dedicated database server focused toward an enterprise cloud environment. Whoa, whoa, whoa, ... right now that is just a dream. I'll be happy to WebMaster one Website on one WebServer that can bring in a thousand views a day.

If somebody would pass on some "off the cuff" stats from experiences in a live environment, that would be awesome!