Ok, so I have a toggle-switch with the ID "agOn" and then I have a function to make a div show/hide when it's flipped... but I also want to change "agStatus" in my database to 1 or 0 when the toggle is flipped... so when the div is hidden, the database updates with agStatus = 0 and when the div is visible, the agStatus will be updated with agStatus = 1.

$('#agOn').change(function() {
    var myswitch = $(this);
    var show     = myswitch[0].selectedIndex == 1 ? true:false;
		type: "POST", 
		url: serviceURL + "submitdata.php", 
		data: 'type='+'agentInfo'+'id='+'30'+'status='+agOn , 
		cache: false, 
		success: function(response){
			//alert("Record successfully updated");
I've tested it and checked the database, but it's not getting updated... the part to toggle the div visibility is working fine, though.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!