Let me please first say that I am not very savvy when it comes to all of this, but I was voluntold that I'd be the one working on our intranet site. We are using Higher Logic, which is not really all that friendly if you want to think outside of the box. It's mostly all HTML, but even there they limit you. With that said, here is what I'm looking to do, and hopefully someone can help me!

Currently we have 6 *free* analog clocks on our home page in a 2x3 table. It's taking up way too much space. I'd like to see if I can create a little pull-down menu that would show each clock one by one.

For example, the drop down would show these options:
Select an office
Kuala Lumpur

When you click on one of the options, it would pop up the current clock in the little content box. I found coding to show images on click, or go to a website if you click an "ok" button, but I'd really like for it to just show up when you select the city. If need be, clicking "OK" would also work, just not preferred (people are lazy and don't want to click again I guess).

The web guy here at my office started talking about Javascript and had me have Higher Logic attach a java file to our site, but I have ZERO idea what that means. HTML is like a foreign language to me, I can't really speak it but I can read it and figure it out.

Is what I'm wanting even possible without going java crazy??

Thank you so much for any and all suggestions/advice!