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    Swap image

    Hi all,

    I have a row of thumbnails and when you click on one thumbnail I need it to open the larger version and display that in another div.

    Here is my code:-

    $('#thumbs img').live('click', function(){
    The trouble is the images are being called from Wordpress and if I change the settings so the images are not cropped to exact size (which is what I need) then the height of the image generated by Wordpress is different.

    So I need a way of changing the last part of line to .replace('46x*','199x*')

    The * (Astrix) will allow that part of the file name to be any number.

    Any ideas?

    I hope I explained correct but any questions please let me know.

    Thank you kind people.

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    The following code will convert the height of thumbnail to the large image's height more dynamically.
    var sizes = {57:319, 76:365, 99:385}; // 57=thumb height, 319=corresponding large image height etc.
    $('#thumbs img').live('click', function(){
    		// use the size in "sizes" if it exists, else use the same height as the thumb
    		return '199x'+(sizes[thumbHeight] || thumbHeight);
    Maybe you'd want to fetch or calculate the large image height in some other way, but this is how you can use regular expressions to change the image url.

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