I am using fancybox.js version 2.1.3 to place external content into an iframe. I am doing this by placing the url followed by a div id (e.g. http://somesite.com#about), this seems to work however the problem is I have not found away to stop fancybox from scrolling. preventing scrolling is necessary since i will be placing several div ids on the same external page and then placing them in iframes with fancybox, and i do not want to give the viewer the ability to scroll down within the iframe to view other div ids on this external page.

   //fancybox window script
    $(document).ready(function() {
    		type        :'iframe',
    	        scrolling   : 'no',
    		maxWidth	: 800,
    		maxHeight	: 400,
    		fitToView	: true,
    		width		: '70%',
    		height		: '70%',
    		autoSize	: false,
    		closeClick	: false,
    		openEffect	: 'none',
    		closeEffect	: 'none',