Well I have this really stupid issue. I am not sure as to what is going on, but here is my issue.

Once someone confirms their account, I am automatically taking the information from the first database, retreving it, and then sending it off to other databases to write information and create login info.

My issue is this error

PHP Code:
[28-Nov-2012 21:53:46] array ( => '42S22'=> 1054=> 'Unknown column \'myusername\' in \'field list\'', ) 
This leads me to belevie that it is having an issue with inserting the username into the username field.

Could it be that since the variable is named exactly like the feild entry it is having an issue?

Here is the code.
PHP Code:
//connects to picture database and writes your info in there.
try {
$wpdb = new PDO('mysql:host=localhost; dbname=harcerze_pictures''harcerze_super''Boeing07');
//Creates the SQL statement to write into the picture database
$pictureUPDATE $wpdb->prepare
("INSERT INTO pe_users (
        ) VALUES (
//Executes the writing into the picture database
"<p>Your account to upload photos is now active!</p>");            
//catches any errors that might have come from updating the picture databse
catch (PDOException $ex) {
$msg $ex->errorInfo;
"<p>Sorry, there was a unrecoverable database error with PICTURES.  Debug data has been logged.</p>");