I have a basic script that allows me to upload multiple files to my server - yay!

Now, I'd like to be able to associate a variable with the input element that holds that particular image.

Dream world would be being able to store $imgnumber = "9"; in my loop if I upload an image to the image_9 field.

HTML Code:
HTML Code:
<input id="image_9" name="images[]" type="file"  />	
<input id="image_11" name="images[]" type="file"  />
PHP Code:
PHP Code:
if (isset($_POST['Submit'])) { 
$number_of_file_fields 0
$number_of_uploaded_files 0
$number_of_moved_files 0
$uploaded_files = array(); 
$upload_directory dirname(__file__) . '/uploaded/'//set upload directory 
     * we get a $_FILES['images'] array , 
     * we process this array while iterating with simple for loop 
     * you can check this array by print_r($_FILES['images']); 
for ($i 0$i count($_FILES['images']['name']); $i++) { 
        if (
$_FILES['images']['name'][$i] != '') { //check if file field empty or not 
$uploaded_files[] = $_FILES['images']['name'][$i]; 
            if (
move_uploaded_file($_FILES['images']['tmp_name'][$i], $upload_directory $_FILES['images']['name'][$i])) { 
// $varnumber = FORM_ELEMENT_ID 

"Number of File fields created $number_of_file_fields.<br/> "
"Number of files submitted $number_of_uploaded_files . <br/>"
"Number of successfully moved files $number_of_moved_files . <br/>"
"File Names are <br/>" implode(','$uploaded_files); 

Many thanks for any pointers here :-D