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Thread: Help with a little project I have

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    Help with a little project I have

    I was wondering if there is a way to automatically refresh a page, then click a 'button' if available. Once the link is clicked there is a drop-down option. I need to then auto-click a specific option, then proceed to auto-click one more (different) link. Is that possible?

    I'm not using this maliciously. Actually, I am just a sneaker collector, and sometimes there are random 'restocks' of shoes that I continue to miss out on . I'm trying to determine a way to ensure that I am able to start becoming able to get them.

    I truly appreciate anyone who can help!


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    You can use this: http://seleniumhq.org/download/

    You have there drivers for for your specific language.This will help you to do "automatically" things.


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    Yes, it's possible. But it would require software that would, essentially, emulate a user visiting that page and finding the availability of the product. From there, the software would have to emulate a user completing the "add to cart" form. At that point, it may require a human to complete the purchase process, so the software would need to notify you. This isn't impossible, but it's not simple after you reach the point where the software has to "buy" the product. For the programmer, it would be mostly a question of time, not skill level. You might try posting the project on one of the freelance websites and see what kind of bids you get.
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    I appreciate the help. I might post it up there to see how much someone might charge. It's just for one of my 'hobbies', so I don't want to spend a crazy amount of money. We'll see what's available though...thanks again!

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    Do you have any sites you suggest?

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