What am I doing wrong?
The program works until I try to add the validation.
BTW there are more functions beside m_to_k
	function validator()
	var MINNUM = <1;
    var MAXNUM = >1000000;
    //Validate the inputted meters
    while((isNaN(meters))	||	(meters < MINNUM)	||	(meters > MAXNUM))
        alert("Invalid digit entered. Must be between 1 & 1000000.");
    return result;
	var report = function(meters,kilometers)
		document.getElementById("result").innerHTML = 	//"result" gets sent to the HTML page where it is being asked for
		meters + " meters are equal to " + kilometers + " kilometers"; 
		//is just the text that will show up on the monitor.  meters + is what the user typed in.  The space after the quotations will insert what was typed in by the user then the text shows up (meters are equal to). + kilometers + inserts the caculation below. The space after the quotations will insert what was caculated. Then the text shows up (kilometers). 

		document.getElementById("m_to_k").onclick = function() // after the user types in the digits the user will click on the button of choice which will preform the caculation below.
		var meters = document.getElementById("distance").value; //meters will be equal to what the user typed in and be sent to report	
		var kilometers = (meters *.001); //kilometers will be equal to the caculation in parenthises and will send it to report
	report(meters, kilometers); //this report has the information of the digits that were entered (meters) plus the caculation (kilometers) that will be grabbed by the HTL page to be displayed.