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Thread: HTML Custom Page Code Clean-up | Probably 2 minutes help...please

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    HTML Custom Page Code Clean-up | Probably 2 minutes help...please

    First post here - nice to have found this community.

    Upfront: I certainly should not be considered an HTML expert by any stretch but I can cobble some reasonable code blocks together at gun point..

    Before continuing: this refers to page here: http://www.gblcg.org/about-goodman-bergh and my challenges are explained in the attachment.

    First attachment is a visual description of these challenges, the second is a .txt file including the code I inserted. The help I need involves advice on how to change to code [as shown in .txt file] to address the issues that are shown in the image.

    I'd be over the moon if anyone could take a look at this and responds to me with a solution.

    I seriously think this will be a two-minute doddle for anyone who knows just ten grams more about HTML than I do...

    Millions of thanks in advance -

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    Check your divs. Oh and the nav bar floats right because:

    nav { float: right; width: 30%; }

    And <header>< <footer>, <section> and <nav> are new in HTML5, so will be ignored by IE8 and below. I think it is premature to use them, particularly as a <div> will suffice!!!
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    CSS Errors [ Ignore any valid CSS 3 rules that may have been flagged ]

    HTML Errors [ Ignore HTML code flagged that isn't yours ]

    Should fix errors first as they could be the cause of your problem.

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