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    Question Read image properties

    I need help with "image properties"

    I can read it with php (exif_data_read) but my hosting currently not supporting exif module. (working on this)

    I was wandering how can i do this with javascript

    I have image lets say (http://i.s-microsoft.com/global/Imag...logo-lg-1x.png)

    i entered text in title properties of file.
    I want to use in in the page. Title, Year ......
    I googled for this, but yet found nothing.

    Please advice.
    Thanks a lot.


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    If you search on "JavaScript exif data", you'll find several references.
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    Thanks for replay.

    About EXIF, i cannot use it. As i wrote below, it's not installed on my hosting. And they will not at this point.

    I want to build a gallery.
    I want to use information such as title, description, creation date of image (file properties) to bring information to the page.
    I dont want to use sql at this point.

    I now found about IPTC that i might use.
    Reading and checking now.

    May be there is more easier solution?

    As i wrote, i need to deliver image information to the page. such as title, description and date (for example) without using database or long filenames.

    Please advice.
    Thank a lot.


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    I want to do this check on client side.
    Image is loaded anyway.

    With iptc it works, but it loads server for more operations. I want to avoid this.


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    once you follow the advice in post #2 we can help you with any trouble you may encounter, but you did not look into exif via javascript if you think it has something to do with a server. you said the image is being served, that means the exit is as well. itpc is a simply subset of exif designed for AP images. if your images have itpc, they have exif, and if you have exif, you can use binary ajax to fetch the raw data from the image file. look into it.
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