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Thread: Default HTML page in and folder ?

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    Default HTML page in and folder ?

    Instead of writing paragraphs explaining the extract situation I will keep this simple.

    When people go to www.whatever.com by default they got to www.whatever.com/index.html

    If I was to provide a link like www.whatever.com/catalog without a .html or .htm just the folder address will it always got to a 404 page or is there away to set up a default page in that specific folder ?

    Any help would be appreciated thank you

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    Sorry for my mispellings

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    Every server has a set of acceptable default file names for each directory that get served when the user requests the root URL for that domain/directory. These are generally the file names you know, "index.html", "default.html", etc., but it can be set to a different name, if needed.

    However, changing the default directory is an entirely different matter. It can be done in two different ways. (1) You can set the default directory on the server, or (2) you can set up redirects so that all requests for the root directory and redirected to the selected alternate directory. With method 1, the user never sees the directory name in his browser. With method 2, he does. This is strictly a matter of choice, but the details depend on the type of software that runs your server - usually Apache or Microsoft IIs. What software runs your server?
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    This is url syntax

    According to that synatx url is been made by the server.....

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