Ok not sure I posted this in the correct category so sorry if not please move it to the appropriate place.

I am seeking some good code examples of a working html5 bing map that uses a predefined location set by me as the end point and the current geolocation of the user viewing the map as the start point and gives them a navigation direction map perhaps with also a text list of turn by turn directions.

So for example I could put in the location of my business or wherever and when someone viewed the page they would instantly be shown on a map the best route to take from their current location, to mine.

I have seen many code examples of displaying a map that zooms in on a users current location and shows a pin where they are, but have yet to find anything offering directions to another location from their current (except one which made them type in their current address, but i would like it automatically determined based on their actual location).

This will be for a map on a website that will be viewed in both web browsers on laptop/pc etc and mobile like iphone etc.

Thanks in advance.