Hi there,

I am writing my diploma thesis with the Media Computing Group at RWTH Aa-chen University. My topic is the connection of hand-drawn sketches and source code. In order to get a sense of what and how developers sketch I would like you to
  • take a picture (e.g. with smartphone) of your whiteboard or a sheet of paper, that has some typical hand-drawn sketches on it
  • send it to me: sketch.survey@gmail.com


Note: The content of the pictures will not be published or distributed. The pictures will be deleted after evaluation. If you have any questions or concerns: Please contact me!

If you have a few more minutes:
Join my survey about sketches. It takes about 5 minutes.
As a small "thank you" you can win an Apple iPod shuffle.

Online survey: http://spy-web.de/survey/index.php/s...dex/sid/713693

Thank you very much.

- Lukas