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Thread: Need some assisant in coming up with a custom search..

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    Need some assisant in coming up with a custom search..

    I am looking to make a custom search for a website (just for that website). With a zip code search, plus checkboxes for certain features to search for or limit the search for as well. Lets give an example..looking for a certain wrestler:

    Zip code

    then the check marks for like different options: champion, high flyer, etc...

    and then the search results come up, and gives you the option to click on the set pages for each item that comes up. This is to be restricted to this site, not for a internet search. Any way or idea or any suggestions to go in the right direction for this?

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    You'll probably need to try the PHP section of this website which will link to a MYSQL database which means the PHP can pull the info from the database based on the search criteria. Also what your asking can take many hours with no quick fix or simple solution. I'd say if you have the money higher a freelance php developer (from India there really cheap).

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